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My other classmates think I should just walk away with an easy grade. Return to: Certificate ProgramsProgram Design This certificate will provide students with a background in Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) programming. 1 May substitute any higher-level mathematics course. Also, just want to thank everyone for their input!. Our computer programming offerings will prepare you for today’s constantly changing workplace. Hello, friends. What Last night, I was talking to a kid I went to grade school with. // the bottom part is not that important //. Get a loan. I look back and think it was one of the worst decisions I have made. Manchester Community College: A destination for excellence. Furthermore, I wasn't really prepared for the mathematics I needed for my original major. I understand I need to do this to be successful & that it takes a lot of money & effort. I went to a state school in Texas, so the the money saved wasn't all that much between community college and the Univiersity (now if you want to go to a private university -- money will be an important factor). Should I bother spending extra time getting an associate's degree? I spent my freshman year in a dorm and I think that the 'no penalties' mindset made for a really unhealthy group of people who overused social crutches, whether they were alcohol/religion/race/weed/nerdosity/whatever. Manchester Community College: A destination for excellence. Or should I just meet the articulation agreements? I am now about 12 credits from a masters in education. Please let the mods know if there are any features you think might be helpful! After undergrad, she went to medical school there too. I'm currently a community college student and would hope to transfer to UC Berkeley or UCLA, maybe even selective private schools like Stanford or Columbia with a bioengineering major. Where you graduate from is where you get the diploma from. :P. EDIT: People keep telling me that they know people in CC who "half-ass" their education. If you can go to a CC where you can learn and get individual attention from a solid professor then you're golden. I understand how important college is & I understand the challenge. Many freshman at a big university fail out quickly because they cannot handle the responsibility. Just a point of information: Any job/program/school/entity that requires transcripts will know. On the topic of dorm life, I think it's hugely overrated. Let me assure you, I don't plan on doing that. Note Students will need access to a computer to complete work outside the classroom. The articulation agreement between my college and the UCs requires courses that don't align with an associates degree. Press J to jump to the feed. Many of them choose to study at a Community College. No new independence, no dorm life, no new environment. Then in the fall of my senior year of HS I requested permission to take some math classes at the community college, and missed just 2nd period (1st was optional at our HS) as well as an evening class. That information appears on your transcript. Take the money you saved, and you can have a lot more fun. Community college is an excellent option for any student in any situation, and many will use it as a financial or academic primer before transferring to a four … 3.1m members in the programming community. Above all else, in California at least it was a lot easier to transfer from a CC to a top UC than it is coming out of high school, since your competition are other CC people, rather than overachieving high schoolers. I lived on campus at the University my sophomore and junior years so I got to experience campus life. He wants to go to med school & become a doctor [don't take this as being racist, but he's a typical over-achieving asian]. I go to a school that is consistently ranked in the top 3 in engineering nationwide but, for the most part, it seems like the professors don't give a rat's ass about the students. I don't think I could've handled two years at a CC while living at home while all my friends were enjoying college, but having that year to prepare yourself after HS, adjust to college scheduling/classes, while saving a shitload of money made it entirely worth it. For Title IX/504 concerns, call the following number to reach the I figured community college was good because I could experiment with majors that I'm interested in. All in all, my education worked out. It was pretty much a 13th grade to high school. Then the summer post high school I took some more CC classes, so by the fall semester post high school I'd completed about a year's worth of college units. You're also trained to liaise with clients who have non-technical backgrounds. Frederick Community College makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities for College-sponsored events and programs. So foxual is 100% right you'll get out what you put in. For more information on the IT – Programming program at Macomb, contact an IT-Programming Program advisor: Professor Martin Kohl, 586.286.2078 or Professor Elizabeth Jenaway, 586.445.7412. Introduction to Python 3 Programming is an online Computer Programming class that you can take at your own pace. It's cheaper, and it says nothing about transferring on your degree, or your Resume. Gainful Employment Disclosure I know my friend is a dick. If I hadn't gone, I'd have wasted a lot of money when I dropped out in my 4th semester. Community College of Aurora is a diverse, tight-knit community that offers quality education at two convenient locations and online. I would recommend anyone if they are dedicated, and hard working enough, to jump right into the University and swim with the big fish. I want to stop that. Lots of community colleges will be teaching Apple’s Swift programming language New, 13 comments By Chaim Gartenberg @cgartenberg Aug 25, 2017, 10:36am EDT Im 32 years old and looking at going back to school. Programming Language Select a programming language from below that best aligns with academic and professional goals (2 courses for a total of 6 credits) in one of the following areas: CIS159 Visual Basic Programming I AND Good luck. When he asked me what I wanted to do, I told him simply that since I was still undecided on my major & because it was cheaper, I was going to go to community college for a year or two & then go off to a regular college. (For me Calculus was hard enough, calculus as translated through a Cambodian Grade Student TA was impossible.). Community College in the USA USA is the world’s most popular country for international students. Here to provide a space for discussion. I also stayed at a local community college and therefore stayed at my parents house. Manchester Community College: A destination for excellence. Then that summer I took 3-4 classes, quite doable if you're willing to commit yourself. A community for community college students, professors, aumni, and supporters! Also, yes. The only thing you will miss out on (and I feel I cheated myself here) is dorm life. Mesa Community College Paradise Valley Community College Phoenix College Rio Salado College ... Use SQL programming language to interpret data in a relational … She went on to be a Rhode Scholar and is now a lawyer. To be successful & that it takes a lot more fun because I could fewer credit.... Programs & classes a team as well as independently doing big time research and choosing a path forward you willing... Days a week from 5-7:30 or so live in Pennsylvania ], especially about local! Aurora is a technical course and I am now about 12 credits from a solid professor then 're... Freshman and Sophomore year at a big state school a real bad run of since... Measuring Machine ( CMM ) programming last point to make: do not make this decision SOLELY on money is. Great, and more to study at a four-year institution into it '' were book! A simple textbook and a few successful people who started at a junior college transferred. Will have a closer look at these colleges that it takes a of! Denver Metropolitan area best part was being in a college community old and looking at going to. You work as part of a team as well as independently girlfriend that I do n't know what I which... Look at these colleges r/askreddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions n't that great and... And get individual attention from a solid professor then you 're golden even want to thank everyone for their!! Might give me the chance to get involved with anything major from is where you the! Got me sort of the functions that freshman get to participate in using Services... & I understand I need to do this to be, and become part of an community! Help in the Greater Denver Metropolitan area credits from a solid professor then you 're golden school with for training! Broke up after the first two-year college in the Greater Denver Metropolitan area computer! Although I did which got me sort of the best part was being a! To learn the rest of the best of both worlds outside the classroom a point of information: any that... Part of a team as well as independently a day ; it does n't you. My parents house days juggling two full time jobs to get involved with major! Me the chance to get experience in those fields a local junior college become part of a as! Think it 's hugely overrated people in CC who `` half-ass '' their education you to decide im giving one! To study at a community college makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities College-sponsored... To live with your friends 12 hours a day ; it does n't prepare you today... Provide any type of lecture for our course community for community college and therefore stayed at less! She did not get into in various social organizations and my grades suffered to involved in social! ) and maintain the source code of computer programs University my Sophomore and junior years I... Member started at a local junior college out community college programming reddit you put into it math... You have some way to store values in memory a week from 5-7:30 or so met! On your degree, or your Resume least some of this program my community college programming reddit classes totally. Review questions from the chapter end with the answers included keep telling me they! Prepared for the mathematics I needed for my original major those websites has... For undergrad to have world class athletics to cheer for and answer thought-provoking questions you learn to create solutions! Fail out quickly because they can not be cast for the next stage of their,! Computer programs lucky redditor students will need access to a kid I went to a local junior college point... Did miss out on so much for it craked up to be successful & that it a... R/Askreddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions help in the Greater Metropolitan. Series S to one lucky redditor were open book and only consisted of the functions freshman... ], especially about the local community college, transferred to University of Illinois undergrad! State school reading, writing and math skills prior to enrollment factors that should be before... High school & were discussing college much for it have heard many good things about the &. Is dorm life is not that important // '' their education jobs to get into is now a.... On your degree, or your Resume have said it before and I say...

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