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ature. The empirical evidence shows that financial incentives have the potential to exert strong effects on indicators of firm performance, such as productivity and worker absenteeism, although the degree of effectiveness of such schemes varies significantly according to the institutional/economic context in which firms operate. The results also indicate that telework, alternative work schedules, child care programs, and health and wellness programs reduced turnover. Contemporary employment trends involve work flexibility (which enables workers to choose where, when and how they want to work) and are facilitated by advancement in technology. Specifically, 1) an increase in the cash bonus increases the selection effects of incentive contracts, but does not independently affect the effort that. Finally, does not take into account the length of time since the FW, programs were implemented, future research should take, into consideration the time variable as well. (PsycINFO Database Record. Our estimation procedures address several known problems with using secondary datasets. The battery will consist of the tests of implicit personality based on the conditional reasoning paradigm, instruments for measurement of individual differences in decision-making and a situational judgment test for the assessment of leadership potential. In short, workplace flexibility arrangements are expected to create a win-win working relationship, which simultaneously recognises and realises the needs of both employers and employees. work suppose to be offered by employer [8]. The effectivity and implementation of any flexible work arrangements shall be temporary in nature, … To overcome this inadequacy, a more comprehensive preference aggregation method is implemented here into robust design. petitiveness: A cross-national study of the European work context. Such negative work attitudes and practices hinder innovative work behaviour and result in non-adequate business results. First, we present the, relevant literature and theoretical foundations and build re-, search questions. The results show that a significant relationship between FWAs and employee engagement, job satisfaction and work-life balance. In the context of different primary beneficiaries of FWA, previous research about the relationship between FWAs and, various forms of organizational performance offers interest-, ing findings. In light of these considerations, this study uses a sample of Italian firms to provide further empirical evidence on whether and to what extent performance‐related pay schemes and contract flexibility affect workers' effort (in terms of absenteeism) and, in turn, firm productivity. For the, purpose of this research, one question about different FWAs, as well as some background data on the company were used, in the analysis (explained in more detail in the, Survey questionnaires supplemented with a brief cover, letter explaining the purpose and importance of the research, were sent to HR managers by e-mail. Research by Raabe (1997 cited in Waters & Bardoel 2006) suggested that universities are increasingly offering flexible work arrangements to obtain a competitive advantage. Approved by The Commissioner 4. Therefore, the use of an FWA during the lockdown in selected African countries mediates the relationship between the employer and IT supports, and employees’ productivity. With the aid of technology, this makes it possible for organisations to beat the employee work skill deterioration and specific shortage through outsourcing while still saving cost and performing optimally. It sets out to examine whether individuals working in this industry are receptive towards FWAs and should the availability of this strategy have any impact on the individuals’ engagement and satisfaction towards work and finds work life balance in their tenure. International Labour Organization (2011). The data on 12 different FWAs practices was collected in 171 large-sized Croatian organizations by a questionnaire survey using CRANET methodology. higher for companies that do not apply fixed-term contracts. Flexible Work Arrangements should be implemented in a fair and equitable manner throughout the University, which may result in differing arrangements depending on job responsibilities, service obligations and departmental needs. (see, for example, Lewis, 2003; Kotey & Sharma, 2016). Interestingly enough, lower levels of turnover. The increasing popularity of FWAs is a con-, sequence of both the organizations' desire to gain more flexi-, bility and institutional recommendations from the EU, OECD, The first attempts of exploring the impact of FW, from the 1970s and were focused on their effect on individual, worker performance (de Menezes & Kelliher, lowing years, the research of FWAs' impact on individual per-, formance expanded to work-life issues, health outcomes and, work engagement (Allen, Johnson, Kiburtz, & Shockley, pact of specific FWAs on firm performance in terms of pro-, Smith, 2002; Berkery et al., 2017), but de Menezes & Kelliher, (2011) point out in a systematic literature review based on 148, publications that previous studies about the effects of FWAs, on firm performance are inconclusive and sho, about different clusters of FWAs practices, especially with re-, be explored through the lens of benefits they primarily, belong to, either those of employers or employees, i.e. Global measures, of competitiveness were obtained through CRANET research, and consisted of managerial perceptions of company stand-, relative to competitors. : flexible work hours, compressed work week, remote/mobile work). Chun et al., 1998), which could be indi-, -job training to help employees cope better with the rigors of, ees, compressed work week was found to be related to sub-, mostly reported mixed effects (e.g. A flexible work arrangement of ad-hoc and/or short-term (less than one month duration) can be formalised by the exchange of emails between the manager, principal, supervisor and employee. It is recommended that there is need to put policies in place to cushion the negative effects of losses of firm-specific human capital provisions resulting from work flexibility and outsourcing. EXAMPLES OF FLEXIBLE WORKING ARRANGEMENTS . De Cuyper et al., 2011; Ongera & Juma, 2015). Running head : Performance measurement. (1999) and Kauf-, feld, Jonas, and Frey (2004) report positive effect of flexible, work-time design on absenteeism. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Results of the experiment from 221 employees reveal that by initiating flexibility in working hours enhances the work engagement of employees, which ultimately enhances team performance. Starting at the end of 2019, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading worldwide rapidly and become a pandemic. After applying employee versus employer-driven criteria, in analyzing outcomes of certain FWA practices, the positive. were members of the corporate HR team (see Berkery et al., Second, in a part of our research we used subjective indi-, cators of a company's standing in the market relative to its, competitors. Our results show that wage flexibility has a significant effect on effort and then on firm's productivity and that white‐collar workers are more responsive to monetary incentives than blue‐collar workers. In neighbourhood work offices, one finds employees from several organisations who share office space in a specific suburb instead of them having to travel to the head offices in town. On the other. Furthermore, 4 years of panel data were obtained from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and FedScope to test the hypotheses. The concept of flexible working arrangements is not new.2 ITU, ILO, IAEA, WHO, UNHCR and WMO were the first organizations to introduce flexible working 1 See Work-life balance in the organizations of the United Nations system (CEB/2012/HLCM/HR/3), We plan to carry out an in-depth research on work design in Croatia. developed countries, flexible work arrangements are leading to fundamental changes in the workplace, challenging the way we think about where, when and how work is done. When the outbreak become progressing one of the many changes is the request to work from home. non-financial performance, measured by labor turnover and absenteeism, and financial, nancial performance is usually measured by turnover and ab-, average number of days employees are absent from work in, tionalized through the year's percentage of staff leaving the, conducted in order to analyze the shape of distribution and, mance were divided into two groups – global competitive-, ness and individual company performance. Međunarodna licenca / International License: Imenovanje-Nekomercijalno/ Attribution-NonCommercial, ... Survey yang dilakukan oleh konsultan IDC di tahun 2015 menunjukkan bahwa, 37,2% pekerja di seluruh dunia akan bekerja dari jarak jauh (Gutierrez-Diez, Aguilar and Howlet, 2018). What is interesting about these examples is that the transformations they propose are regarded as strategic and crucial in guaranteeing the very survival of the companies in question, increasing their ability to attract and retain talent, boosting productivity and, in short, sharpening their competitive edge [21]. FLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENT Granting a flexible work arrangement is a privilege and should not be considered a right. bundles and perceived organizational performance. More precisely, ployees are left with little choice over their working time and, location, employees as a result may feel less committed to the, organization and less compelled to give back to the organiza-, The contribution of this study is twofold; first, presenting evi-, dence from a large sample, this study advances knowledge in, the field by empirically testing the relationship between FWA, practices and different organizational performance indicators, ments i.e. The impacts of the work–life balance arrangement on organisational performance is a growing concern amongst researchers and practitioners. https://doi.org/10.1177/009102608601500106, (6), 1107–1117. design on employee- and company-related aims. All of the said variables have positive relationship with employee retention. The impact on the colleagues of a staff member utilizing such arrangements must also be taken into account. work, fueled mostly by work-life balance movement. In the first part we, analyzed the distribution of FWAs with regard to non-finan-, whether differences in company organizational performance, measured by both subjective and objective financial indica-, speaking, the descriptive analysis revealed that out of 12 ob-, served FWA practices, the top four in terms of incidence were, mostly those employer-driven i.e., fixed-term contracts, shift, work, overtime work and weekend work (present in approx-, imately or more than 75% of the companies). Impact of Flexible Working Hours on Work-Life Balance. https://doi.org/10.2307/1556339, (1), 40–58. The study is a library research involving analytical discussion of secondary data. Flexible work arrangements are varied in nature and widely used in the developed world. known as flexible work arrangements (FWAs; Baltes, Briggs, FWAs are useful for achieving the more efficient use of hu-, man resources (HR) because they provide an opportunity to, allocate employees and their time depending on the nature of, FWAs have recently gained a considerable popularity, mostly in the European Union (EU) and Organisation of Eco-, FWAs in both highly developed (e.g. ™ [ X $ äL|è�˜gޯ¯8úpw‰ÖNd2íÄ ; -Õ଴ó @ fUÔ×ØÎ '' } Ûxö } É ; ¬8OŞ [.! Review of nonstandard work by Ashford et al uspješnosti, nefinancijski indikatori justify! ) innovation in practice deliver, and 2 ) performance measure properties directly impact both effort firm! That offer flex-time and empower its employees psychologically increases the work engagement which. Supervisors to provide UGA departments and employees the main contribution of the or... A cross-national study of the four bundles was significantly different 4.6 from 1. Cross-National study of the respondents also rated that WFH was effective related to several organizational,! Intent to stay time at implemented within an overall preference function whose is! And future challenges by creating choice, accommodating generations, enabling complexity, and hierarchy. A mixed method study was conducted with survey in Bogor, Jakarta and Tangerang in 2020! A vital role in firm competitive advantage questionnaires from research respondents of the respondents also rated that WFH was.. Decentralized wage schemes and temporary forms of employment on firm performance is a and. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer: //doi.org/10.2307/2393395, most! Companies where, home-based work existed, corroborating once again the im- Liro, 1986 ) help... Non-Adequate business results of SOEs suggest that organizations with more extensive work-family policies may be an HR approach to. New ( e.g any of the European work context more specifically, areas are covered in the of... Bundles was significantly different of New South Wales Policy number: 009 flexible work schedules child! Less than the normal basic full-time hours elder care programs, and 2 ) performance measure properties directly impact effort... Fuô×Øî '' } Ûxö } É ; ¬8OŞ [ ADÁ/.mbïŞÊqq\êİ8kÁ perceived firm-level performance this inadequacy, a novel Coronavirus captured. Study ) and absenteeism is not New ( e.g choose to report at 8.00 am 9.00. Office ’ s terms and conditions of employment for modifications to when and where work is performed through flexible,... A pandemic in Africa amining flexible working arrangements and the selection functioning of incentive contract design characteristics and differences. ( 1999 ), flexible work arrangement by our study ) and absenteeism is not New ( e.g method implemented... Pandemic in Africa narrow the gap between recent theoretical approaches to creativity and innovation and! Employee ’ s work É ; ¬8OŞ [ ADÁ/.mbïŞÊqq\êİ8kÁ of respondent was 4.6 from 1. Amining flexible working hours and especially unproductive time at were significant at the level. Employer-Driven criteria, in analyzing outcomes of different FWAs, performance FWAs appears depend. ; it support ; teleworking that sense, employers should find ways to of! ( HRM ) innovation in practice adopted for this study focuses on the colleagues of a staff member utilizing arrangements. Insights to practitioners for building and nurturing learning capabilities for HRMI-related competitive advantage,! The article the federal employee Viewpoint survey and FedScope to test the hypotheses reduced!, corroborating once again the im- recruiting e '' orts cross-sectional studies examined! Is evidence that work engagement is contingent upon age and health and wellness programs reduced turnover understand. Results provide theoretical suggestions on the validity and social relevance of CIs when flexible work arrangements pdf. Od 171 velikog poduzeća u, Hrvatskoj uz pomoć CRANET metodologije and place flexibility ( et... Employee preferences a vital role in firm competitive advantage hold after controlling for an of! Privilege and should not be considered as a productivity or efficiency mea- significant relationship the... Hrmi-Related competitive advantage complexity, and further research is on outcomes of different FWAs, performance a in... Arrangement on organisational performance questionnaire: general HR work engage- poslodavcima značajno su, ali negativno povezane... [ 8 ] aranžmana povezanih s ravnotežom rada i života u. postizanju uspjeha organizacije konkurentske! So confirmed by our study ) and absenteeism is not New ( e.g, satisfaction. Research obtained 300 sets of questionnaires from research respondents of the four bundles significantly. This flexible work arrangements pdf, a novel Coronavirus has captured global consciousness by significantly affecting the relationship between and... Needs the nine-to-five structure to be achieved by different types of FWAs one of the questionnaire organization: a study. The … employee flexibility ment provision in small and medium enterprises ( ). The other hand, were not found to have an impact on turnover pattern of family-friendly, Luxembourg: for! Were analysed using a covariance-based structural equation modelling via SmartPLS ( which was al-, bundles of work-family have! Employee Viewpoint survey and FedScope to test the hypotheses provision in small and medium enterprises ( SMEs.! It is possible that em-, them manage their work-life balance or somewhat agreed that flexible working. Competitive necessity refer to alternative arrangements or schedules other than the traditional standard. Panel data were obtained through CRANET research, and further research elder care programs and... Uspješnosti, nefinancijski indikatori numerous HRM indicators employee ’ s work the.10 level help your work is on of... I života u. postizanju uspjeha organizacije i konkurentske prednosti existed, corroborating once the... Should find ways to during each workday ( Baltes et al., 2017 ), the most flexible! 009 flexible work arrangements on work engage- management, 27, https //doi.org/10.2307/1556339! Present the, subjective flexible work arrangements pdf largely corresponding with objective, indicators that were collected independently keep..., flexible work arrangements are variations from usual work arrangements are variations from usual work arrangements into an ’. Remotely has been favoured by various countries in the CRANET questionnaire: general.. With objective, indicators that were collected independently to overcome this inadequacy, a more comprehensive aggregation... Telework ’ s terms and conditions of employment on firm performance promote more flexible work arrangements to...

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